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Doggy Day Care in Tewkesbury, Cheltenham and Churchdown

While many people like the idea of their dog being Walked and then being left at home, this can sometimes mean that the Dog is not getting to socialise enough with both humans and other Dogs. Well that need not be the case. At Day Care, Dogs play and socialise with other Dogs of their temperament and play style. Human attention is always provided.

Day Care is a haven for Dogs, providing loads of love, care and attention in very comfortable surroundings. We only accept a small number of Day Care guests at one time as space is restricted to maintain safety and comfort, so please call or email to check availability.

Day Care is a great solution for those who are working or have a very busy schedule. Petcarers.eu provides one of the best level of Dog Care available in Gloucestershire, all Dogs at Day Care have 2-3 Walks per day. We feed the Dogs as per owners instructions. Our Philosophy is that your dog is part of the family and needs to be loved just like we do and that is why when in the care of Petcarers.eu we treat every dog as if it were our own.

Would you like to be left in a room or a house all day on your own and then get a quick walk in the evening  ? You would go crazy!  So why should your dog who loves you so unconditionally be treated like this ?. When you get home from a hard day's work and you want to wind down and have supper, is your dog manic and want to play and jump around ? Well if you try 1 full day care with us we can change that so much so that you will have a peaceful evening knowing your dog has had a great time. Your dog will be so worn out from our walks that they will want to relax just like we do in the evening, your dog will also be fed by us before we return it to you so you will not have to worry about it. Please note that Day Care is only suitable for Dogs that are comfortable in the company of other Dog.

Lindsay Delaunoy